Would you use a Boxing Day train service?

Calendar showing Boxing Day

Would you use the train if some services operated on Boxing Day?

Many people return home after visiting friends and family on 27th December. Others travel to shops and for entertainment. Services can be very busy. Would it be better if trains also ran on Boxing Day?

Network Rail often use the closure of the railway over Christmas to complete intensive improvement work. Major stations and sections of route can be closed during this period. Would you still support Boxing Day services if they involved rail replacement bus services.? Or if they meant that improvement work took longer, and maybe cost more?

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2 responses to “Would you use a Boxing Day train service?”

  1. Carol avatar

    It would be immensely helpful for nephews & nieces who often have to be back at work for twixmas…

  2. Rob avatar

    I would definitely have used a train if it had run on the last two Boxing Days. Often when I worked shifts (like friends who still do) there were occasions when I wasn’t able to visit family but this would have made it possible.

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