How well does your local railway station work as a bus-rail interchange?

Sign near Patchway station - would you know where the closest station was?

FoSBR would like your help in our efforts to improve bus-rail integration in our area. We are interested in how it could be made easier to get from from bus to train, and from train to bus. How well does your local railway station work as a bus-rail interchange?

Improvements could be small things, such as trimming that big shrub that obscures the Stapleton Road station sign on the corner of Belmont Street, or larger issues such as re-siting the bus stops nearer to Filton Abbey Wood station (or even diverting buses closer to the station).

Many people use smart phones to find out which train goes where, and when it leaves. But connecting to this information can be affected by poor mobile data, low battery or low phone credit – and of course, not everyone has a smart phone!  Signage is still very important to make bus-rail interchange at the station as simple as it needs to be.

We are interested in comments you may have about station access generally for walkers and cyclists.  Also, scooters are now a viable onward travel option in some locations.  Could the scooter parking zones be better-sited?

On our “Better Stations” Campaigns page we have summarised some initial ideas about station improvements and bus-rail integration.  Now we’d really like to know what you think. If you have suggestions we could add, please contact us.

We can use our combined local knowledge to prioritise requests to GWR, the Department for Transport, Network Rail, Bristol City Council and Severnside Community Rail Partnership.


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