FoSBR now campaigns as Bristol Rail Campaign

Bristol Rail Campaign (FoSBR) members at Bristol Temple Meads to catch first train to Yate at start of half-hourly MetroWest service

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FoSBR) now campaign as Bristol Rail Campaign. Chair Rob Dixon explains why we’ve made this change.

When FoSBR formed in 1995, our aim was to save the Severn Beach Railway. Thanks to the dogged determination of our founders, that line is now thriving.

FoSBR expands

FoSBR widened its scope to cover the Greater Bristol area, and changed from Friends of the Severn Beach Railway into Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways. Much of what we campaigned for is now being delivered as MetroWest, with half-hourly services and cross-city trains.

Things have changed as our previous aims have been achieved, and we have evolved from a group that needed to save the Severn Beach line and local services to one wanting to promote and extend the local rail network. There is much more to do to gain Bristol the high quality transport system it needs. We need to reach out to more people. We need people to understand the benefits that only steel wheels on steel rails can provide.

Bristol Rail Campaign

That’s why we feel that the name FoSBR no longer reflects what we’re campaigning for. We have found that people find it confusing, don’t get it right and don’t remember it. We need a simple name that says clearly what we are. That name is Bristol Rail Campaign.

This is a big change for us, but we think it is necessary to help reach more people as our campaign and aims grow.

Our FoSBR values haven’t changed. We are still friends of our existing local lines, and will continue to campaign to improve the current service. We plan to build on these values, with more walks and social get-togethers. But when we talk to the media and decision-makers, it’ll be as Bristol Rail Campaign.






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