Can you help FoSBR?

Can you help us? Edited picture of Rosie the Riveter

Do you have a skill or talent that could help us in our campaigns? Now, at last, it looks like there is light at the end of the COVID tunnel. FoSBR needs help. Can you help us?

Since the beginning of 2020, FoSBR has had to change quickly as events have unfolded. For much of the year, government policy has actively discouraged us from using our trains. As transport campaigners we’ve been put in a difficult position, to say the least.

Fortunately funding is still in place for much of what we’ve been fighting for, and we continue to press for more local trains serving more destinations more frequently.

There’s a groundswell of opinion that we can’t go back to doing things the old way as we emerge from the pandemic, as we surely must this year. Local rail passenger numbers are expected to recover more quickly than those for long-distance trains, so now is the time to push hard for improved services. Meanwhile, air pollution and traffic-ridden streets continue to affect people’s health and wellbeing as well as worsening the greenhouse gas emissions that drive global warming. We must build back better!

Your FoSBR needs YOU!

We are looking for volunteers to help us as we move into an exciting and challenging future. We’ve seen before that nothing should be taken for granted. Much of our work involves responding to consultations and pressing council officers to remind them why we need rail, but there are also many other aspects to what we do. This year we hope to be allowed to organise more activities. Perhaps you have something to say? Maybe you’d like to post it on our website – even if you disagree with us about something.

We are particularly looking for volunteers to help us:

  • Promote our campaigns on social media;
  • Build relationships with local media, local authorities and other groups;
  • Organise campaign events;
  • Develop new ways to encourage people to use trains.

If you have more time to offer, some committee roles are also available.

We know our members are a talented bunch. If you can help us with any of these things, or if you have something else to offer, please let us know.