Bristol Clean Air Day

FoSBRites might have been inspired by the Bristol Clean Air Day at Castle Park on Thursday 20th June 2019 organised by the Bristol Clean Air Alliance (BCAA).  Various local environmental and transport groups, including FoSBR, ran a stall over the lunchtime period and “Commuter Challenge” prizes were awarded to participants, mostly workers from the local offices.

We were encouraged to travel by any means necessary except a private car.  Lucky me  – I live in walking distance of two train stations on the Severn Beach Line (Redland and Montpelier)  and on a Showcase bus route.   My journey on Bristol Clean Air Day was walk, train, walk and bus home.  Tina Biggs (of BCAA and FOSBR) had organized lots of prizes.  My prize, awarded by Lord Mayor Jos Clark, was for the longest sustainable train journey in the “pensioners” category.

I invited my 12 year old grandson, Arlo, to join me on the Prize winning Ferry trip.  We arrived at Temple Meads Station and ran to the landing point in time to get an outside seat on the boat.  When seated, I handed my smart phone to Arlo, who took photos of the scenic wonders that surround us.  As we travelled, he cropped the pictures and made a collage.

When we stopped at SS Great Britain, among the passengers who boarded was a volunteer who explained that Bristol Ferry Boats give free journeys to SS Great Britain volunteers.

On arriving back at Temple Meads Station we ran for the train but just missed it.  So we walked blissfully down the bridge, along the Floating Harbour and  then back into the station to catch the bus home.  Thank you Tina, GWR, FirstBus and the ferry crew for a prize winning day.