Author: Tina Biggs

  • Tina’s 10 years with FoSBR

    Tina’s 10 years with FoSBR

    Tina Biggs is stepping down to start a postdoctoral research project. Here she looks back on 10 years of rail campaigning with FoSBR.

  • Reducing car use in the West of England – can rail do the job?

    Reducing car use in the West of England – can rail do the job?

    FoSBR’s Tina Biggs wrote an article for Rail Professional magazine’s May edition titled “Reducing car use in the West of England – can rail do the job?”.   Tina takes the opportunity to share her thoughts on proposals in the West of England Combined Authority’s Joint Local Transport Plan (JLTP4).  In a well-researched evaluation, Tina looks at the…

  • Is there support for Coalpit Heath station?

    Is there support for Coalpit Heath station?

    FoSBR have long advocated an additional station to the north-east of Bristol. The most promising locations are Winterbourne or Coalpit Heath, both of which had stations serving passengers until 1961. Both old station sites are on the Bristol Parkway to Paddington main line, so would need passing loops to allow fast trains to overtake stopping trains. …

  • Thornbury: Questions for MP Luke Hall

    Thornbury: Questions for MP Luke Hall

    FoSBR supporter Chris P has written an excellent letter to local MP Luke Hall, which neatly summarises current transport issues in Thornbury. These are issues which rail could help to address.  Chris is one of a number of FoSBR supporters in the area who take every opportunity to push the case for Thornbury Line re-opening.…

  • ZeroWest Winter Conference

    ZeroWest Winter Conference

    FoSBR is a member of ZeroWest, an alliance of local organisations working towards a zero carbon West of England.  Transport is a key policy area that needs to be addressed to meet this goal. On 16th January Carol and Tina from FoSBR attended the ZeroWest Winter Conference and ran our stall. Climate emergency The keynote speech…

  • Clifton Down Access Improvements

    Clifton Down Access Improvements

    Those of you using Clifton Down station, via the car entrance to the car-park from Whiteladies Road, may have noticed that, on the left-hand side, there is now a cross-hatched yellow area with a footpath marked. This is thanks to a member of the public who emailed us nearly a year ago to highlight the…

  • Clean Air Plan

    Clean Air Plan

    Hopefully many of you will have heard of the government directive to cities to come up with Clean Air plans.  Is there any implication for rail? Well, sadly, the government directives are focused entirely around introducing charging clean air zones (CAZ).  They have provided funding for the cities to pay for traffic modelling and some…

  • JLTP4 – our response

    JLTP4 – our response

    FoSBR has made a detailed response to the Draft Joint Local transport Plan 4 (JLTP4). We are pleased to support the objectives at Section 3 of JLTP4 to: Support sustainable and inclusive economic growth Enable equality and improve accessibility Address poor air quality and take action against climate change Contribute to better health, wellbeing, safety…